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Mixed media on cotton canvas, acrylic, and Soft Pastels colors





I’m beyond excited to share my latest piece with you all! 🌟 Introducing “Sunshine”—a vibrant, textured explosion of pink, orange, and yellow hues. 🌸🍊🌞

This colorful creation is designed to bring warmth, joy, and a burst of energy into any space. It’s a celebration of light and positivity, capturing the essence of those perfect, sun-drenched days. 🌅

“Sunshine” is more than just a piece of art; it’s a mood, a feeling, a slice of happiness. Ready to brighten up your home or workspace?

And the best news? We are now accepting commissions for this radiant new piece! 🌟✨

DM me for inquiries, and let’s bring a ray of “Sunshine” into your world.


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