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Abstract Background


Nermen Khalil born in 1986 in Alexandria, Egypt, is an artist based in New Jersey, USA. Khalil demonstrated a talent for art at a very young age using acrylic painting on canvas. With such talent, Nermen took several art classes to reinforce her skills. Khalil is the founder of Heaven Studios, where she creates textured abstract art using mixed media on canvas.

Khalil’s work is noteworthy of the texture she creates on canvas, which adds another dimension to the artwork. Her work is currently exhibited nationally in different galleries and shows.

Abstract Background


Inspired by ancient and contemporary Egyptian culture, I love creating textured abstract art using mixed media on canvas. In some of my art pieces, I like to use simple compositions which are offset by the complexity of my techniques and embellishments to create work that is remarkably rich and cohesive. The subtle embellishments bring a depth of feeling and warmth to my work that is immediately inviting. 


The selection of the color palette brings a subtle vibrancy to the pieces and harkens back to classical styles while still remaining firmly rooted in the modern. My textures are so varied resembling everything from broken pieces of ancient pottery to golden fields of wheat.


In my artwork, I intuitively build the texture on canvas that often depicts either some sort of dynamism or stillness, both of which touch the emotions and captivate the viewer, taking them into places of their own imagination.

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